Wednesday, March 23, 2005

This Time... Mom Writes A Letter...

Dear Lucy,
How are you and how is Xavier? I got the pictures and I'm releived to see that he looks just like you. The real reason I'm writing is because I went to my club meeting yesterday. You remembner Flo Pauline Lopez? The club recording secretary? Well, it seems that Flo Pauline's old college room mate, Ella Scott Porter has a cousin who maried a man named Ford and went to live in a little town in Tennessee. Well, it seems this cousin has a boy named Ernest. She has an older boy named George and a younger boy named Roger. Ernest is her middle boy. Well to make a long story short, Ernest is on his way to NY and I told Flo Pauline to tell Ella to tell her cousin to tell Ernest that you'd be glad to entertain him. Of course I don't know Ernest personally, but any friend of Flo Pauline's room mates cousin is a friend of mine.
Love Mother

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