Monday, May 16, 2011

NATE Show: The Great Outdoors

THE NATE BERKUS SHOW - taping: May 2, 2011 p.m.
Aired: May 16, 2011 (today)

"The Great Outdoors"
Nate is joined by celebrity chef Guy Fieri who, along with the audience, judges the show’s first-ever grill-off! Guy reveals his top grilling tips and how to take your cookout to the next level. Plus, Nate's design plan for turning your small outdoor space into your own vacation hot spot and how one “House Proud” viewer created her very own backyard oasis!

Nate's Tearsheet: Here are a few ways to prolong the life of cut flowers from your garden. Cut flowers early in the morning with they have the most moisture and are cool from the night temperatures. Have a bucket of water handy so you can immediately put them in water. Once inside, recut the stems under water on a slant…this helps water intake and flow once they’re arranges. Also, take your flowers to the sink each morning and mist them to maintain humidity and moisture.

Some shots on the set...


A snap from TV...

I'm bottom of the screen 2nd from right
Standing 3rd in from center blur.

We Are the NATE Show Audience Regulars...

On the last day of taping, some of the "Nate" crew pose in front of their special group of audience regulars. The four front-most people are (l-r) Raff (with mustache), Matt (very front), Eddie (green shirt) & Dena (plaid shirt).

May 12, 2011
      What a whole bunch of fun it is going to the tapings of the Nate Berkus Show. He tapes his show every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday two times a day. I've been going a few times a week since my first time January 25, 2011. That first time was special to me because I was picked to dance for the audience and sort of became famous. Everyone loved my dancing and remembered who I was from that point on. Tonight was the last taping of the first season and it was just as special in so many ways.
      When I entered the studio, Allison, the audience coordinator who seats people as they walk in, told me to sit in the front row and pointed to the pit section. I said, "You're kidding, right"? She said, "No. Front row." I was like, "WoW!". I was sure she would come back to me in a bit and ask me to move. She didn't. Just before the show started taping I turned around and noticed that all the regulars were sitting in my row and behind me in this section. I thought to myself, 'somethings up'. Why were we all sitting together on this last night of taping?
      That was evident after the first segment was taped because we seemed to be getting the royal treatment as far as being acknowledged for our loyalty. Dena told everyone else in the studio audience that we were the "regulars". The crew all got pictures of us and we got pictures with them.
      The best thing thru the evening... well, not the best thing but very close to it, was that the camera seemed to be right there in my face a lot. But that never means anything. We'll see when this show airs. The special guest is Lisa Oz (Dr Oz's wife) and she was there talking about relationships and stuff. Nate did a living room make-over and there was a cooking session with Calin Cowei and a married couple re-engaged themselves with him presenting a new ring to her.
      In one of the breaks between segment tapings Dena asked four people to get up and stand in front of certain sections of the audience. I knew right away she would have us dance. (I hadn't danced since the very first taping I came to January 25th). So I thought, "Okay, why not". Everyone liked it the first time, they'll like it again. And they did. The cameras were once again in my face and all around me while I was dancing. It was fun to catch glimpses of what they were filming up in the monitors.
      So, the best thing of the evening was before Nate did his closing, he acknowledges all of us "regulars" to the rest of the audience and then after the taping of his closing, he came over in front of us and had his pic taken with us. We couldn't give anyone our own cameras to get that pic but others said that Allison was going to email it to us. Still waiting for it today.
      That's why this final taping of the first season was just as special to me as the first time. I danced again. I'm going to miss the tapings for the summer while the show is on hiatus but will be back at the first taping in August once they resume. It'll be great to see the crew again. And I hope to see Sandra, Pat, James, Paul, Heather, Susan, Rosemary and all the rest of the regulars. I am greatfull for all the friends I've made during the tapings of these shows. What fun we had.
      On the way out of the studio afterwards, a bunch of pics were taken with crew members. I posted them here:

with Dena
with Eddie

Sandra and Eddie
with ?

with Christina
with Jonathan

with ?
with Allison

Sandra & Allison
with the Security Guard