Monday, May 16, 2011

NATE Show: The Great Outdoors

THE NATE BERKUS SHOW - taping: May 2, 2011 p.m.
Aired: May 16, 2011 (today)

"The Great Outdoors"
Nate is joined by celebrity chef Guy Fieri who, along with the audience, judges the show’s first-ever grill-off! Guy reveals his top grilling tips and how to take your cookout to the next level. Plus, Nate's design plan for turning your small outdoor space into your own vacation hot spot and how one “House Proud” viewer created her very own backyard oasis!

Nate's Tearsheet: Here are a few ways to prolong the life of cut flowers from your garden. Cut flowers early in the morning with they have the most moisture and are cool from the night temperatures. Have a bucket of water handy so you can immediately put them in water. Once inside, recut the stems under water on a slant…this helps water intake and flow once they’re arranges. Also, take your flowers to the sink each morning and mist them to maintain humidity and moisture.

Some shots on the set...


A snap from TV...

I'm bottom of the screen 2nd from right
Standing 3rd in from center blur.

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