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July 1-9 Still Some Car Woes & Mikey on

This is the start of what I hope to be a weekly blog. Since this is the first entry, it covers July 1st through the ninth. That's a week and a few days. But after this, I will make it a point to enter the happenings of every day from the week past.

Friday July 1- was a sad day for me as my car was towed away after I sold it for junk to CAR-TECH AUCTION, INC. The funny thing about this is... after the car was hit, it sat there on the street for about three and a half weeks before anything was done. Then, today, the truck operator gets into the car, starts it up and litterally drives it out of the space and onto the flatbed truck that would tow it. Driving on the flat tires and all. I mean, I knew the car started and I never tried moving it because of the flats. But I think now, if I had the flats fixed, it may have been drivable. But ya never know how bad the alignment would have been or if because of this accident the frame could have craked and I wouldn't know it till I was dead.

Tuesday July 5-, I took the car license plates to the DMV to return them but the line was so long coming out the door that I decided to go away and come back another day.

Wednesday July 6- I recieved the papers from Esurance Insurance Company with the figures on what they will offer me to settle this whole car matter. I weighed it against what my own insurance company (AAA) offered me already 2 weeks ago. Oh, what to do?

Thursday July 7- I was on the phone back and forth with agents from AAA trying to find out once and for all how my stupid $2000. deductible would play into this and whether or not I would get any of it back. After Ms. Rizzi-the woman who wrote up my policy told me that the extra amount not recovered from Esurance can be covered by the underinsured/uninsured section of my policy I thought I would just simply go with them. Because then AAA would act on my behalf with anything that had to be done in recovering the money from the other company. Someone later that day from AAA told me no, that's not for collision, it's for Medical. I argued with them saying this was not medical. Why would Ms Rizzi even mention it to me if it were medical coverage when she knew the specifics of this accident and knew nobody was injured in it. Medical coverage had nothing to do with it. This person will check with Ms. Rizzi to see what she told me and call me tomorrow morning.

Friday July 8- I got the call from David Maturi of AAA claims and he told me, YES, that underinsured/uninsured part of my policy can be implimented in this case and I would then get back all but the $500. deductible that this part of the policy has. That total would be $57.85 less than the total figure offered to me by Esurance. I just may go with them. I left home for lunch with the folder in hand to get the Property Damage Release form from Esurance Insurance Company signed and notorized to be paid for damages from them rather than go thru my own insurance company where any deductibles play into the final amount. And of course I want to get as much out of this as possible. And it's $57.85 more than if I went with AAA. Got home, prepared and copied the documents and folded them into the envelope for mailing directly at the post office tomorrow morning on my way in to NYC for Broadway Barks and a gathering for someone's birthday at Richards later in the evening.

While Mikey and I were on the phone tonight, he reminded me to go to to check and see if that interview with Lucie was there... sure enough... it WAS. Exactly what I suspected... "I" was not in the video at all. In fact, I'm behind the back of Eric Schwarz' head which is prominant in the foreground and if ya didn't know I was next to Mikey, you wouldn't be able to tell I was there at all. But I know where I was standing in relation to the camera angle and I'm in the shot a split second.
Here are a few stills from the video. See... Mikey is right there next to Lucie. I knew my interview wouldn't be in it because I couldn't think of what I was saying and it probably came out all wishy washy. So they didn't use it. That's okay.
If ya want to see the video, you can see it here:

Saturday July 9- It was Broadway Barks day in Shubert Alley. I went for just a little bit between 3pm and 5 pm. Then I left to get on the train to go uptown and meet with Pat & Joe for a ride to Richards for a birthday party.

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