Wednesday, April 06, 2011

NATE Show: In Your Backyard

I've been going to CBS Broadcasting Studios on West 57th St. in Manhattan to be in the studio audience of the Nate Berkus show. It's fun and energetic. The audience warmer, Dena Blizzard is a riot to listen to. She has a very quick wit and is very entertaining during the "down times" between segment tapings. So, whenever a show airs on TV that I was in the audience for, I will try to give the details for that particular show. It'll be fun to document them here.

THE NATE BERKUS SHOW - taping: March 22, 2011 a.m.
Aired: April 06 2011

Nate and guest Kelly Killoren Bensimon reveal the hottest trends in design and fashion that you can find right outside your front door!

Nate proves that when it comes to the latest trends, the best finds are often in your own backyard! "Real Housewives of NYC" star, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, shows off her favorite finds in her home and in the city she considers her backyard – New York! Plus, Nate’s guide on how to refresh your style with items in your closet.

  • Check out Nate's unexpected ways to use local businesses for design projects.
  • House Proud- Real Housewife Kelly Bensimon takes you on a tour of her chic Manhattan home.
  • Kelly Bensimon takes you for a tour of her neighborhood and her favorite haunts.
  • Nate reveals his favorite Manhattan locales.
  • Lilliana Vasquez - Fashioneista will make new outfits with what's in your closet.
  • Learn the most essential tips for cleaning out your closet from professional organizer Andrew Mellen.

    I am in a light blue shirt top center.
    Here, I am in the top right corner.

    Top behind the front & center girl.

    Nate's Tearsheet: I’m lucky to have New York City as my backyard, so I’m bringing you my favorite blocks, stores, restaurants, hidden spots – everything I love about this city! Because not only can you visit them if you’re ever in town, but with the internet expanding all of our backyards, MY New York can easily become YOUR New York. The first stop on your tour? The Antiques Garage on West 25th street between 6th and 7th ave. It’s one of my favorite places to hit up on the weekend, and it’s full of buys no matter how much money you’re looking to spend!
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