Monday, April 11, 2011

NATE Show - Catch up

This is where I catch up with documenting the Nate show tapings I've been to and the airings before the April 5th airing of the March 15th p.m. taping. Since this blog puts most recent at the top, I'll start with the first taping I went to and the fun I had there and continue on upward with the most recent after that coming up only to the ones that start from this point down. Confusing? Just read...

THE NATE BERKUS SHOW - taping: January 25, 2011 a.m.
Aired: February 9, 2011

Oh, what fun I had. Wish you were there with me. I became famous. Today's taping theme began as a dance studio. There were hanging disco balls everywhere throughout the studio. The guests were a couple that couldn't and didn't dance at their wedding. So to help them were "Dancing With the Stars" real-life married couple Jonathan Roberts and his wife Anna Trebunskaya. So it was a cute segment of the show. In between taping segments, the audience has a bit of down time. So the audience girl, I don't know what she's called but she's the one who warms up the audience and prepares them for what's to come. She makes us practice clapping and laughing and reactions- anyway, pics me to dance in front of our audience section. So I went nuts dancing and everyone loved it. For this first dance section they gave me a NATE tee shirt.

So at the next break in segment taping, she has me get up again in front of the entire audience (not just my section) with some other guy who has apparently been there before and she knows he dances, had a dance-Off. They played music and we danced for
everyone. A good 5 minutes. He did moves, then I did them and when it got to some softer music where this guy did some Ballet moves, I copied him and sort of turned into a "Lucy" at the bar kind of thing. It was hilarious and this audience girl (Dena Blizzard) gave us both a money card for Dunkin Donuts. I forgot how much is on it. But anyway, after all this another girl comes up to me and had me sign a release and said that this whole dance segment will be on the Nateshow website during the week the episode airs. By the way, it won't air for another 2 or 3 weeks. I am to keep an eye out on the website for the show.

Oh, at some point during one of the breaks in taping, they came around with stickers to hand out to those who "stole" a banana from the audience waiting room. They were there to take and eat and she explained that a lot of people take them and keep them for later. I actually ate one there in the waiting room before being taken to the studio. She asked how many people had bananas with them now. About 10 people held up their bananas. So when they were passing out the stickers that say "I stole a banana from NATE: THE NATE BERKUS SHOW," I said I ate one in the waiting room. So they gave me a sticker.

They loved me and said to come back anytime I want and they'll probably have me dance. I can't wait to see me dancing on their website. They know me by name. Everybody called me by my name every time they referred to me. It was a lot of fun. Didn't get to meet NATE in person though. Bummer. But I took a pic of Anna and Jonathan as they were coming out of the building.

The show finaly aired February 9th. I took this snippet from Nates website about the show and even snapped a shot off the TV. They didn't get my face in there but still... it's me!!! I never did get to see the dancing section get onto the website. I guess they changed their minds.

A snap from tv...

I'm on the far right side looking off to the right in the blue shirt.
You don't see my face. But it's ME!

I'm in the lower right corner in this one...
This one...

And this one...
Here, I circled myself for easy ID.

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